Saturday, February 4, 2017

McGivney Students Reflect on Pro-life March in DC

“This was my first time on the March.  In thinking about going on a pilgrimage like this, people might say they don’t have time for this.  Time doesn’t really matter.  You always have time to stand up for your faith.”  --Class of 2020
Just one week ago, 50 students from Father McGivney Catholic High School participated in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.  Traveling over 800 miles by bus, the group joined thousands of Americans from across the country to march peacefully in protest of the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in support of abortion.  Whether it was their first time participating, or their fourth, McGivney students were struck by the incredible number of people marching in support of similar ideals to re-build a culture of life.
"I was going through the motions when it came to my faith.  Seeing that many people inspired me.  I’ve never been so proud to be Catholic than when I was on that March and chanting in support of life."  --Class of 2020
"I’ve been that person - the one who has not been that expressive in their faith.  Seeing 5,000+ people who share the same beliefs as you will really do something.  You’re not the odd one out."  --Class of 2019 
"This was my fourth time on the March and I was really struck this year.  By the sheer number of people, it was evident that God is really on our side."  --Class of 2018 
"At first, I didn’t think the word ‘pilgrimage’ really applied to this trip.  But I think it’s the most accurate description- it has been exhausting and thorough.  It has helped me to believe that people do share the same ideas as me."  --Class of 2017
Father McGivney Catholic High School has participated in the March for Life the past five years, this year bringing its greatest number of student pilgrims. The pilgrimage included a visit to the Baltimore Basilica, the Babe Ruth Museum, Arlington National Cemetery, Cathedral of St. Matthew in DC, and Ford’s Theatre.  We will continue to join our voices with the thousands, upholding the motto of our school: Servire Culturae Vitae – Serving the Culture of Life.